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Terms and conditions - Odido My Campus

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My Campus is part of Odido Netherlands BV (hereafter Odido).

My Campus: the learning platform of Odido that offers online learning on products & services, processes and systems to Odido employees (inhouse and outsource) and Odido IDS channels. Odido employees (inhouse) can also register here for classroom trainings (when available).

User: the natural person (* who after completing the registration procedure) and accepting these conditions can use My Campus. 

The User is only entitled to use My Campus after acceptance of these conditions.

The User is only entitled to use My Campus for the purpose of improving his level of knowledge with regard to the products, services, systems and processes of Odido. In this context, the User only has the right to make copies for his own use.

All intellectual property rights related to My Campus rest exclusively with Odido, companies that are part of the Odido group or its licensor (s).

The information made available through My Campus is carefully checked and regularly updated. However, no guarantee can be given that all information is complete, correct and in accordance with the latest developments at all times.

Access to My Campus is strictly personal.

User data is used only for the purpose of assigning and reporting learning activities.

If an external User (IDS channels) does not use My Campus for more than 3 months, Odido has the right to block his account.

Odido is not liable for any damage, including indirect damage, such as loss of data and loss of income, resulting from the use or application of software or information available through My Campus.

Dutch law applies to these conditions. Disputes will be brought before the qualified court in The Hague.

* The My Campus terms of use apply to any use of My Campus.

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